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Audiobooks and Impressions

So, I was listening to the audio version of Treachery in Death by JD Robb yesterday and it seems to me that “fuck” showed up more often than usual.

Now, I’ve read every other In Death book. Actually read, not listened to on my mp3 player. I don’t think the word fuck appears quite so much in them. Or maybe it does and I just didn’t notice. It’s possible – whoever reads it probably emphasizes some things over others. I guess it depends on how they say the words.

I mean, I thought Peabody used the word a lot more here. It doesn’t fit my mental image of her – sweet and solid. (The narrator’s voice for her doesn’t fit my image of her, either).

So I am thinking now maybe listening to a book instead of reading it somehow alters my impression of a book. How I see the characters, what parts I pay attention to, how I perceive the book.


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