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Loopy Thoughts on Muses

I am loopy on meds right. Probably about thirty minutes left until they put me to sleep.

So meantime I am wondering – probably the type of thoughts that occur to minds loopy on meds – I am wondering what gender my muse is.

The muses are supposed to be goddesses who inspire creative people. A woman, usually. I am thinking maybe they inspire because they are so beautiful and graceful and all that. Maybe it works out because historically, most writers were men. There was a time when in order to be published, women took a male pen name.

Not true anymore. But maybe it makes more sense for my muse to be a man. I am a girl A tall, strong man with smooth tanned skin, long black hair and bright blue eyes. Mmmmm.


5 thoughts on “Loopy Thoughts on Muses

  1. Could it be because at the time mankind invented the concept if muses women didn’t have all that much to say and so it was the men’s fantasies that made it into folklore?
    Hold it. Muses are originally Greek. Women as fantasies of ancient Greek men? That can’t be it ; )

  2. I have a female muse, she is beautiful in a way, but not the goddess type. She’s a character from a story who took the job of muse one day, I call her Halla, frost in Finnish, and true to her name she’s an ice maiden who threatens to freeze my creativity when angry. Love her though.

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