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Reading and School

Reading some books (like the one I am presently reading!) feels like reading for school. That is to say, unpleasant and constantly analyzing every word for its significance. Not all books are like that, but some books. More serious books, books that are trying to say something, books I feel are meant to improve me in some way.

I find I am allergic to such improvement. It gives me a creepy feeling in my stomach. I associate it with writing papers and giving speeches in front of the whole class (Powerpoint presentations weren’t allowed!)

I am resistant to reading books like that. I don’t like being forced to read, never did, never will. (We vote on the book club books!) It takes away all the story’s joy for me. Does anyone else have moments like that?

Right now, I should probably be reading the book club instead of writing this blog. I don’t want to. Thinking about all that, I realize now if I’d read nothing but the books my lit teachers required us to read, I wouldn’t really enjoy reading that much. A lot of people have only read the required reading for school and maybe that’s why so many people don’t actually enjoy reading. It’s not fun.

There is just something about teaching books that make reading a chore. Homework, instead of something you do for fun.


6 thoughts on “Reading and School

  1. I think balance is key here. I graduated an English major, and while I studied, my love for literature actually suffered. Mostly this was due to deadlines. I will happily read and explore anything assigned to me, but I want to know I have all the time I need to do it.

    My husband avoided reading altogether because he disliked the books assigned in school. However, now that he’s discovered a genre he enjoys, he reads more often than I do.

    So put down the books you don’t enjoy… but not forever. Don’t think of yourself as “allergic” to informative books, but rather consider that there will be a better place and time to dive into that particular study.

    Good luck!

    1. Deadlines can suck – I skimmed a lot of books because I didn’t have enough time to read everything.

      I do put them down, it is just there are so many other books I do enjoy, it’s hard to go back to stuff I didn’t enjoy so much.

  2. I’ve run into this problem. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I am too busy to read books that feel like taking medicine. As you say, I do that enough for school anyway.

    I like to come away from a book and realize that I learned something about myself, but that is more of a personal journey thing, where my life is emulated by the experience of the character – it doesn’t usually feel forced, like the story version of a lecture. If I want that, I’ll read the Sword of Truth novels. Which I don’t, and I won’t.

    1. I couldn’t get through the Sword of Truth novels either. One of the very few novels where the tv version is better. But, yeah, I guess I just don’t like feeling as though someone is preaching to me.

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