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Book Review: Demon’s Dance by Evey Brett

I have mixed feelings about Demon’s Dance.

This is what the blurb says:

Wanting to live freely as a human, half-incubus Tristan flees the Wardens. Broke and starving, he accepts Cory’s offer of a paid photo shoot, never dreaming he’d find a man with whom he could be aroused and erotic in his own body without having to submit to his demonic half.

Psychically sensitive Cory didn’t meet Tristan by accident; he volunteered to find the beautiful, exotic man for his patron. Cory had never before been able to touch a man without discomfort and soon can’t stop, but the hotter the sex gets, the more he can sense the darkness Tristan is trying desperately to escape.

The writing is good, it flows well, the characters are interesting. It has an incubus, which is always interesting. But there is something missing.

In the beginning, Tristan broke my heart. His situation is so terrible, it’s just heartbreaking. But that’s good – it roused enough emotions in me that I have to say it’s pretty damn good. (Possibly, I was just at point in my cycle where sad emotions are closer to the surface.)

On the other hand, some of the characters, the characters that are supposed to be good. The older man, the one who found, sometimes he just doesn’t strike me as a very nice person. I mean, he is older and he should be a father figure to the boy, but he’s not.

I think that’s why I have such trouble with this book. Morally, a lot of the characters are just disturbing. Not just the bad characters, but the ones who are supposedly good.

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