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Microfiction Monday: river image prompt

Susan over at Stony River has a microfiction meme on Mondays. She posts a picture to inspire and a limit of 140 characters.

I came up with:

The river carried his ashes to the underworld. Tears rolled down my face, mixing with the rain. He was dead and even the earth mourned.



39 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday: river image prompt

  1. Sad but beautiful take on the pic for the day! I think it set a mood for many of us. And we have matching weather in Seattle, so it was easy to get into step! Hope you have a great week!


  2. Very evocative! I like the line where you say “tears …mixing with rain.” Nice image!
    Your blog is really interesting, Sonia. I read your post on Teaser Tuesday and I’m gonna read more.

  3. Sad, Sonia! 🙂 Unking weather elements add even more
    sadness in the setting. I remember Farewell to Arms. It was
    sooooooo sad. Can you make a happy ending? ..

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