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Behind in my Writing

January is almost over and I am waaay behind in my writing. My word count is pathetic. Maybe I’ll be like the turtle in the story and finish ahead the hare? I can only hope.

Part of it is that I am having trouble just writing. I haven’t hit the magic place where the words pour out. I know what the scenes – I have an outline! – but I am having a hard time putting them on paper. I am tempted to say the outline is curtailing my creativity, but it doesn’t feel like that right now.

Another part is that though I am writing every day, it is in fits and starts and writing is easier if I do it at the same time everyday. It’s just so hard right now to do that.

I really, really need to step up my writing speed.  I need to just write, just really focus on the characters.


6 thoughts on “Behind in my Writing

  1. I am in EXACTLY the same position. I have my outline, I have the document, I just can’t find the words. I’ve been quite rushed off my feet, so maybe I’ll be able to sit down and write when my head is in a better place. But it’s still irritating to know I should have done so much more with my time this month! I hope you have better luck finding your words, Sonia. You can be sure I’m trying to find mine!

  2. Ugh, tell me about it. But at least you aren’t the only one. I haven’t had a creative burst in what feels like forever. I have what I want to happen mapped out, but when I sit down to put it on the Word document, it loses its way to my fingers and I in turn lose all those lovely words. *sigh*

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