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Progress Bar

I have added a new progress bar to the side. I figure it help me keep track of how I am doing, week to week, and maybe inspire me, too. Going to update once a week, so I know how much of weekly goals I’ve met. It took me a while to find something not NaNoWriMo related.

I am not sure I like it – every time I update the count, I am going to have to copy and paste it. I wish there was something I could edit in the widget itself. Wish I had something prettier, too. This bar is pretty plain.


4 thoughts on “Progress Bar

  1. At the bottom of my blog, I’ve been keeping track this year of pages read. I use TickerFactory.com. You have a choice of bar styles and ticker styles, and all you have to do to update it is double-click on it to go to the page once you set it up, enter the password you chose, and then click the “add” text to add your new count to it.

  2. Funny, about the same time this week I was focused on getting a progress bar up for the same reasons. I discovered a simple HTML code using DIV tags to display so many pixels of a bar-jpg that you use as your “progress bar”. I wanted something more convenient, but what I liked about the coding was that I could choose any picture I wanted to serve as my progress bar. Currently I have katanas. Yes, it’s silly and likely to change, but I was just that giddy at the customizability.

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