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On Revising for a Blogfest

I have finished the first draft of my entry for Christine’s blogfest. I even sent it out to my group for comments, and it turns out I badly need to dramatize everything. I am doing too much telling and not showing. The ending sucks, too – it is too obvious.

The trouble is that it is supposed to be under a 1000 words, and my little first draft was already 1200. So I am thinking I need to change a lot more. When I dramatize everything that needs to be dramatized (almost the whole thing!), I will be a lot over the 1000 word limit.

The real challenge here is to see how much I can get rid of in this first draft, than dramatize everything, and still keep to the 1000 words limit. If I am still around 1000 words, it’ll be a miracle. If not, I will just post a stripped down version of the very draft (telling and all!) and post the real revised version of somewhere else. On a separate page, possibly. I might actually find a use for the fantasy/science fiction pages up there.


2 thoughts on “On Revising for a Blogfest

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Keep going, I’m sure what you have written is great. One thought. Don’t think about resolving the whole story in 1000 words. Think of it as a chapter, a teaser. If you did resolve it in about 1000 words or a little more, I applaud you. 🙂
    Have a great day!

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