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New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! It is a new year and a new decade. I don’t know what this year will bring. But whatever it is, it better be good. LOL

This is a scheduled post, mostly because I have no idea where I will be on the 1st. Either recovering from a New Year’s party and in no condition to post anything; or recovering from being stuck in the snow on my way to the New Year’s party and too upset to be coherent; or possibly, asleep from the exhaustion of digging out the car and then forced back due to snow-covered streets. Wherever I am, I likely will not be willing or able to post anything.

So . . . my New Year Resolutions. I have only a few.

  1. To keep the unread posts in my Google reader to 0. I used to subscribe to a lot more blogs, but the number of unread posts reached daunting levels and I stopped even signing in. Now, there are only 25 or so blogs. I should be able to keep up with them, yeah?
  2. To write at least 300 words everyday. I don’t write everyday now and there really is no excuse. I have the novel and there is usually at least one short story in the works, so there is always something to work on. I should be writing more.
  3. To get at least one story published. I am going to push a lot harder this year to get a short story published.
  4. To finish the novel in progress. Despite having just realized I need to start from the beginning again, I want to finish it this year.

7 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. My goals are incredibly similar to yours.

    I want to work on my blog this year, keep up with other blogs, write and edit more, work on trying to win some writing competitions, gain a publishing credential and finish my series. A busy year it looks like, but I can’t wait to start it all.

    I can’t wait to see what this year brings for both of us, Sonia!

  2. Those are really good goals. Ours are very similar, funnily enough. I hope writing and your novel (despite needing to restart it) go well!

    Good luck on your resolutions!

  3. All three of us have similar goals, probably because we are writers and want similar things! To a very busy, very productive year for all of us!

  4. Fabulous goals! I’ve definitely subscribed to quite a few blogs. I’m not sure how it’ll turn out when I’m back in school and with less time to be a great netizen. BUT I organized it into folders and so I’m hoping I can prioritize my reading…

    Good luck with everything 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your excerpts!

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