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Blizzard and the Fourth Scene

pic from the Daily News who credits Ruttle/AP
If I took a pic of my car, this is what it would look like.

Blizzard peoples! About a foot and half of snow, maybe two feet in spots, possibly higher. High, high snow drifts. Cars are just a shape under the snow. Not sure how many streets are clear – I doubt any side streets are. There were impassable streets even in the city, which is pretty damn amazing, as snow disappears there so fast you can barely tell it snowed. The subway is barely running, which has pretty much shut down the city. The subway people ought to called emergency workers, just like the police and firefighters and ambulances. Bet nothing is open today. They are trying to defrost the third rail. Lots and lots of blowing snow. Good day to go sledding.

NBC has pictures here.

Back to my regularly scheduled program. 😉

So . . . I spent the blizzard working on the fourth scene for the short dragon story. It is done and it does not look good for the baby dragon. In fact, I am beginning to wonder how much of the third scene is even necessary. Not a lot, I don’t think. I am going to have to cut most, if not all, of it. I am winding down to the end; there is only one or two more scenes left. I am a little depressed now because I have no idea how the girl is going to save the baby dragon.

Do other people have this problem? Wanting to end the story one way, but a different ending makes more sense. A different, more depressing ending. I don’t like depressing endings and I would rather not end this story that way.


5 thoughts on “Blizzard and the Fourth Scene

  1. Please throw some snow across the pond to Britain, I want a load so I can happily stay inside and work all day on editing my manuscript.

    I’ve been there. I hate realising a whole scene has to be cut, but when it genuinely isn’t working, I feel so much better scrapping it. At least I’ve learnt from the experience, and I’d never see a scrapped scene as wasted words because I’ve always taken something from it.

    It’s difficult, when your story throws you a curveball like that. Things don’t always work out how we plan, no matter how extensively we outline it. I’m glad it isn’t just my characters who like to completely screw with my plot. I tend to go with my instinct on things like this. I’ve never changed anything major and regretted it later.

    You might grow to love the new ending, no matter what it may be! Take a chance on your characters and your instinct. If it doesn’t work out, you can always regroup and look at it again later!

    1. Oh, gladly. After going out in that to shovel out the car, I can say we definitely got about 2 feet of snow. Drifts are waaay higher.

      Yeah. I tell myself when the characters do that, it is good, it means they are alive and real and all that. But it is so annoying!!

      I hope I do like the ending.

  2. Send some over here, too 😀

    I’ve never really encountered that–yet. I’ve more had troubles while plotting. I’ll want it to be THIS end and then I’ll plan everything out and realize that it’s not that realistic anymore. Then I come up with something else and that ending no longer works and I’ve got to change it again.

    Hopefully 3rd time’s a charm?

    1. Oh, yeah. I have had that happen with the novel wip. It sucks. Truthfully, I am thinking of changing it again. Or at least writing a few thousand words of another version and seeing which is better.

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