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Bird by Bird: Shitty First Drafts

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott has a whole section on Shitty First Drafts. Really, this whole concept is freeing. First drafts are always shitty! The thing to do is push past my own shuddering at the shittiness of the first draft. Because it is not as if I am not aware of how bad it is (i. e. the third scene in the dragon short story). I have to resist all temptation to rewrite now because it is not done yet; if I start the rewrite now, I will never be done. I can always rewrite later.

Okay, so I have known for a while now that no one gets it right the first time. But reading this little chapter on Shitty First Drafts is reassuring. I feel badly in need of reassurance just now, as I attempt to ignore the shittiness and go on with the next part. All first drafts are shitty! All!