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On Scene Breaks

I am done with the third scene! It would be a relief if I knew I really was done with it. That is, the next scene, the forth, takes place in the same spot. Only difference, someone else walks in. Is that enough? The setting is the same. It happens immediately afterward, so there is no break in time, either. So I am not sure if this is the right time to break to the next scene.

At first, I even thought it was the same scene. But two sentences in and it felt like a different scene, you know? Besides that, I was done with my short description i. e. She makes a potion and something goes wrong. But I am not sure. Is the mama dragon walking in enough to make it a different scene? That’s really the only difference – a character that hadn’t present been before.

There are also differences in how the MC feels, but that’s caused by the mama dragon coming inside like she does. For that matter, the spell’s disruption is her fault, too. So it comes down to the face that mama dragon wasn’t there before and is there now. Is it enough to make a new scene? I wish I knew.


2 thoughts on “On Scene Breaks

  1. Hmm, usually I think of scenes as a complete time. So adding another character doesn’t change the scene–like in a movie, unless some time passes by and the camera would cut out and cut back in. That’s at least how I’ve been visualizing it 🙂

    1. Most of the time, that is how I picture it, too, like a movie and I know when a movie would move on, that is another scene. But in a written piece, does it have to be that way? I am not sure it does.

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