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Book Review: From the Ashes by Maree Anderson

Quick blurb: Calista’s a freelance space courier recovering from a disastrous marriage during which her ex tried to sell her as a slave. Sure, she’s emotionally damaged, but you should see the state of her ex! She’s also an expert pilot who can illegally reprogram and augment all manner of tech. She’s been ripping off the system and flying under the radar her entire life…. Until now.


From the Ashes combines two of my favorite genres – romance and science fiction. So I knew when I got it, I would probably like it. I was not disappointed. There is plenty of action for me (and, no, not just the sexual kind!!!) and a nice mix of romance and science fictional things.

I was hooked when her ex shows up and demands Calista’s cargo. Incidentally, her cargo is our hero, Asher (he was hatched!). His extras are particularly interesting. I liked the revelations – how her ex had sold her into her slavery and she destroyed his face in payment. I liked how Asher died and came back to life afterward. It goes with the title – From the Ashes – as he is a Phoenixae and death doesn’t manage to kill him permanently.

Another scene I really liked was when her ex caught her, was planning to give her to someone and she convinced him to kill her ex. Very nice.

Asher is very nice, too. He is disturbing when he first hatches as a baby and turns into a child, than a teenager, than a man. The part where he turned into a man was a relief. I didn’t want a child hero.

He escapes from his own captors and goes in search of her. Calista has a problem with that Asher is from a slave race and he has to please his owner. Well, I would be disturbed by that, too. Who wants a lover who pleases only because he is slave and has no choices? Who wants a slave at all? Not Calista – she disapproves of slavery. But he convinces her they can be together and it all works out.

I give this book 3 out 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I got the ARC for this book.