Random Quote: Mary Catherine Bateson

So, today, I came across this quote: “The timing of death, like the ending of a story, gives a changed meaning to what preceded it.” by  Mary Catherine Bateson.

I have no idea who Mary Catherine Bateson is. Wiki says she is an American writer and anthropologist. Anyway, it makes me wonder, mostly because I am coming to the end of the my short dragon story. Do story endings somehow have to change how you view the rest of it? I guess a story would be deeper if it did. I am trying think offhand of a story whose ending changed how I looked at that story’s beginning and/or middle. Maybe The Yellow Wallpaper? Not sure. The teacher told me the story had been written as a comment on the treatment of woman’s mental illness. If she hadn’t told me that – before I read the story! – I am sure I would have read the story differently. Other than that, not really. I mean, endings should make sense right? They need to flow naturally out of events and I am not sure how that goes with this whole the end giving a changed a meaning to what came before.