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On My Internal Editor and Reading

I was reading Black Sun Rising by C. S. Friedman, the first in the Coldfire Trilogy. It is a fantasy, one of those epic series, a series I have never read but that has out for years and has good reviews.

I couldn’t read it. My internal editor kept blabbing at me – adverb here, extra word there, repetitive phrase here. It took away my pleasure in reading. The story was interesting and I wanted to read, but my internal editor kept butting in and I couldn’t read. I don’t care about those things when I reading. At least, not when the story was as interesting to me as this one was. I wanted to know more about the Hunter, dammit. I am sure (pretty sure!) he is the same guy murdered his wife and children on the first page and is terrorizing the city hundreds of years later.

I had to stop and go to bed. Does this happen to other people? Do other people’s internal editor suddenly become very loud and keep them from reading? It is good when I am editing, but not so good otherwise, I think.