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Writerly Teaser Tuesday

This week’s installment of Teaser Tuesdays starts where last week’s excerpt ended.305 words this time.

I surfaced again, hair plastered to my skull. Lightning flashed in the clouds above. Wind and waves surged and roared. Here was grace; here was all the beauty I would ever need. Among the waves, I spotted several of the Clan De’Oun.

One rode the waves a handful of feet from me, rising high on the crest, splashing back into the water and giggling all the while like a giddy child. Above her, another fae floated in the winds like a kite. Neither one wore the bracelet I needed to find.

Something dropped on my back and drove me under the surface. One dark sienna muscular arm wrapped around my belly, another clamped down over my bare left breast. Laughter rang in my ears; dark teal locks floated in front my eyes. I kicked out hard behind me, hit flesh, and the arms around me gave a little. I kicked again, twisted and the arms loosened enough for me to get free. I turned and saw Rordin, one of the golden boys of Clan De’Oun. He eyed me like a delicate little morsel.

I straightened and propelled myself back to the surface. Rordin mirrored me, arms stretched over his head, legs long and graceful. I’d last seen Rordin two months ago in October when Mother had summoned me home for Matriarch De’Oun’s annual summer ball. He hadn’t worn clothes than and he didn’t wear them now. Instead he wore his own weight in jewels. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets and body chains draped him and covered his actual lack of clothes.

Including, I noticed, a gold filigree diamond bracelet. The lapis lazuli arrow pendant jumped forward, as though someone had thrown it. I grabbed hold of it and gave Rordin my best smile. Gods, how was I going to get it away from him?


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