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Moving my Plot Forward

I am confused. I am at an impasse. I am in the middle of a crossroads.

I am also only 725 words into the sea short story and I am not quite certain what to do next. I can’t call it writer’s block, because I know what the end result will be. She will get the bracelet back, just like in your average quest tale. I know she will make a trade, but I just don’t know how she will make it or why the guy will accept (I am thinking he won’t at the beginning, and really, what reason does he have to accept it?) I know there will be a tussle. I just don’t know how she will go about it. I don’t know.  I just really don’t know.

I think this is will be the high point of the story, but hell if I know how to go about writing it. It has to be quick and short and clever. I don’t feel particularly clever just at the moment. It is frustrating. So frustrating to look at the page and be on the verge, be so close, and yet not be any closer to writing the next little bit.

I think I will go peruse Bird by Bird. Maybe Anne Lamott will have some advice.