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Writerly Teaser Tuesday

Today is teaser Tuesday on twitter, which is basically when writers post a snippet of their WiP for the entertainment of other writers. This writerly teaser Tuesday is not to be confused with the reader teaser Tuesday where readers post two sentence from their current read.

This is the first 431 words from my WiP. It is an urban fantasy-ish short story. Not sure yet if it is more urban fantasy or more traditional fantasy.

The towering wave loomed above as its foamy fingers lashed outward and broke over me. I blinked my eyes clear, took a deep breath and dove again. The silver chain and lapis lazuli arrow pendant was icy cold around my throat. It snapped forward, tugging me in the right direction like a goddamn leash. The lapis lazuli pendant held a locating charm.

Ocean waters – nothing smelled better, not coffee, not apple pie fresh out of the oven. Nothing felt better, either, cool and slick against my bare skin. I loved it. Even when it was like this, the waters rough from an incoming storm and the sky darkening fast. Nothing could entirely ruin my pleasure out here, not even this silver chain.

I skimmed along the ocean waters, waves cresting and crashing above me. I wore no weapons; ordinary steel disappeared when I changed into a seal and I owned no magical weapons. It bothered my boss, but carrying anything would have just slowed me.

Rain drove into the water around me and churned it up, made it hard to see. No ship with any sense was out here; everyone else was here because they had no choice. Or they enjoyed riding ocean waves in the middle of a storm. Well, I did enjoy rough weather, but I had no choice, either. My boss had ordered me out here. Work could be a bitch. He’d sent me because some idiot wizard lost his bracelet to an ocean fae and I could ride the ocean better than anyone else. Personally, I thought a wizard so stupid ought to be tossed in the ocean.

But it was a job and I needed the money. This particular ocean fae only came out during storms and or so I surmised from the wizard’s description. How many ocean fae have insanely curly teal hair and appear dressed in nothing but ocean water, wind and an excess of gold? Only the ones from Clan De’Oun. They hadn’t embraced the modern world yet. They looked and acted like the last century hadn’t happened. They were really irritating, especially the ones I was related to.

So I’d been chasing ocean storms for the last week. I had seen a few of the Clan De’Oun, but none who sported a large gold filigree diamond bracelet. The wizard had supposedly charmed it to fire magic blasts and shield against enemy blasts at the same time. Most charms were either offensive or defensive, not both. If it worked, that was very impressive. Though considering the wizard’s performance so far, I wasn’t hopeful.



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