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Picturing a Character

So. Characters. You have to know what they look like before you describe them, right? You have to be able to see them in your head. Well, I have to be able to see my characters in my head before I can begin to describe them. Other people may not. So, in my short sea story, I need to describe this guy. I know he is fae and connected to the ocean. But I know very little else and I certainly can’t picture him. I don’ t know what he looks like!!

I  decided to go to deviantart. I did searches for fae, sidhe and nymph for inspiration. Nothing inspired me. For one thing, most of the pictures were of women and I wanted a picture of a man. And the few pictures of men I turned up, well, they weren’t what I though he should look like.

So I gave up and decided to go back to the story. I struggled my way past his description and you know what? I got a picture in my head of what he looks like. It seems my main character knew all along. I think she might even have a teeny tiny crush on him.