I have joined writing.com. This is a website I recently discovered where writers can go and hang out. You can post your own work and get reviews. There are contests, complete with deadlines and prizes, and entering can only help me become a better writer.

In fact, I am going to enter one of the contests. This contest requires a story about the sea. There us a sentence that needs to show up somewhere in the story, too. It should be at least 500 words and at most 2000 words. Which is pretty short and I should be able to write something pretty quickly.

So in my writing.com profile, I created a document for it. Just the working title and the prompt. And do you know what? I got two reviews. Two reviews when the work in question consisted of all of one sentence – the prompt sentence at that!!! I am amazed. One of the reviewers did tell me they would be back when I have more up.


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