Internet Goes Black

English: Cartoon about free culture, intellect...Large chunks of the internet goes black today in protest of SOPA (and PIPA). Anti-piracy laws are all well and good, but not when they propose to kill the internet and free speech in one blow.

And I say this as someone who might one day have a book(s!!!!!! If god is kind, it will be books. Lots and lots of pretty, pretty books) published and be subject to both piracy and need free speech.

Killing the messenger isn’t a solution.

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5 thoughts on “Internet Goes Black

  1. The Internet was nice while it lasted, Sonia. It’s been nice knowing you. Can I have your snail mail address? (SOPA is really a plan hatched to save the Postal System.)



  2. I thought the blackout protests were practical, showing you what the internet might be like if unmitigated censorship were brought into the body-politic. I got a little uncomfortable when people tried to pressure Facebook into joining, because protest ought to be voluntary rather than compulsory.

    • The trouble with FB going black was that lots of people used it to figure what SOPA is. Apparently people had never heard of it before. But I think they could definitely have done more than they did. A big link, a banner, something big and obvious.

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